C’monnnn Spring Break!

I’m ready for a vacation from the normal routine. Spring break could not come at a better time for me. School is the normal overload but I just want to do other right now. My 92 Ford Festiva is telling me it wants me to get my hands dirty and replace it’s left front axle. My 82 Rx-7 is screaming at me because it hasn’t been started in about a year and a half. The motor is carbon locked, I’ve tried to break it free a few ways with zero success. I just ordered the Atkin’s rebuild DVD but I had it delivered to my Father’s place for safe keeping (Yeh my neighborhood is filled with crooks and thieves so what?). So, I really want to watch that and start tearing the engine apart to figure out how bad the damage is/what the hell I need to order for this thing… Also, I need to discuss with my folks what the hell I’m going to do about my living situation which just fell a part this week. I knew it was coming because my room mate is graduating next fall and will probably be leaving town after that so it’s not a surprise but I was expecting this event to occur sometime after her graduation not before it…and she just called the landlord today to let him know we’ll be out by May 1st. Of course, the week of May 1st also happens to be my finals week but I’ll manage. It’s just a bummer that I’ve got the whole moving/refiguring out living scenario stage ahead and it doesn’t help that I have my boxer, pretty much no friends or roommate candidates, and $0.00). I have a wonderful girlfriend who I love very much but she’ll most likely be leaving for grad school next fall so she’s out of the picture as far as a potential room mate goes. I won’t bitch about it anymore but it basically ain’t going to be easy which isn’t a surprise as LIFE usually AIN’T EASY so whoopdyfuckeroo. I think I’ll cut this post short because I’ve been so damn negative lately and I really don’t care to put that out there on the interwebs. Hip Hip Hooray for spring break, FORMULA 1, and working on my cars! Everything else can suck my left testicle for a bit, sorry for the visual but not really since you have no idea what my testicles look like or even if I have a left one to suck.

Also, keeping with the theme of getting some artwork up on here I’m posting a couple of things. One is a silly little sketch I did while attempting to pay attention in this boring as FUCK math class that we have to take as industrial designers. The other photo is of a VonFranco model that I just finished putting together (except for decals..). I’d also like say thanks for the likes/follows hopefully I can hold your interest but no promises!

Sketch1 VanDykeModel

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