I haven’t forgotten about you Bloggie!

It’s been busy as usual and I haven’t found the time to get on here until now but I haven’t forgotten! There are a few projects that I’m juggling at the moment but I’ll just mention one for now. In my sculpture class, which I find more interesting than my Industrial Design class at the moment, we are making something the instructor has termed “plaster biggies”. Like the project name implies, we will be creating very large plaster sculptures. The process in which this will be done will first involve the creation of a plywood substructure, that will be covered in a wire mesh, then plaster/joint compound will be applied to the surface, and finally that will be sanded/painted or whatever. He has given us a conceptual theme to this project which he hasn’t done in the past but he wants to see if people can begin to think in that way as they’ll have to speak the language of concept through out the rest of their careers as artists. Anywho, the theme is “inheritance” which is a pretty broad theme and can be approached from many different avenues. I decided to just go the traditional route of inheritance that being the Paternal kind. I’m making a very large piston and connecting rod which is supposed to symbolize the inheritance of automotive wisdom/culture that I’ve received from my father (an industry guru and the quintessential car dude). This instructor has us make little ‘mockup’ models for our project and to be honest I love making these little models out of oil based clay as much as I like making the real projects. With this project we had to make a second mock up out of cardboard/bristol board type stuff (I used beer packaging…) in order to figure out how we are going to create a plywood substructure. So I’ve included a shot of both for your viewing enjoyment.


Not much else I feel like reporting about right now. I’m creating a wooden (non-functional) rotary engine in my industrial design class so that will be pretty cool I’ll post some pictures when that gets underway. Hopefully construction will commence for the big plaster piston sculpture within this next week and can post progress shots… Also, got my updated fishing license and first cast of the season yesterday! Summer is on it’s way!

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