Shoulder Pain.

Well, I’m on the couch watching Star Trek Next Gen. and nursing my shoulder with some 16 oz PBRs. I don’t know why it started hurting but the pain has been growing all day right below my left shoulder blade. I feel like I’m being a pussy but DAMN! I’m medicating with a few beers and they’re helping little by little to muffle the pain. Mostly, I’m all angsty because I don’t understand how/why it hurts.

SO, I’m going to attempt to deduce the instigator of this anguish with a little detective work MY DEAR WATSON! I believe that it had to have occurred Monday because when I woke up this morning it ached ever so much. Now, is there anyway to deduce a specific time/action that was the root or sole cause? I very much doubt that this will be possible considering there are too many probable causes for this hurt.

Lets begin Monday morning, having spent the night at my Father’s house on Sunday, I woke up on his couch. THAT is suspect #1 considering that I like to sleep on my back and the back of the couch was against my left shoulder which most likely contorted my body like a Rold Gold during sleep and created a satisfactory condition for an amazing cramp to arise! Next is suspect #2 I moved a few pieces of furniture from my dad’s home to my car and then in to my home and up the stairs to my bedroom. (Note, how I pointedly mention the stairs as these object were not very light…) Now we come to suspect #3, which was the sanding and varnishing of a wooden sculpture that I worked on until 2 a.m. this morning. Lastly, suspect #5, in exhaustion I awoke at 6 a.m. and had classes until 6 p.m.. These suspects are not in hierarchical but they are chronological order

Ok so, I guess the most likely cause of my soreness is the combination of the above. Nevertheless, the cramping and aching leaves me feeling old and I don’t want to think about what this type of thing feels like 20 years from now as I’m sure it’s amplified ten fold! Bummer!

And, for those of you following me now, as promised a picture of some of my latest work. And for those unfamiliar I’m in an Industrial Design program at an art school and one of our latest assignments is to create a fish out of paper. The idea is to create something that could be used and reproduced for a point of sale display. I’m going to make some slight modifications to this mock up and then it will be cut on the laser cutter. My shoulder is feeling better already, it must be the therapeutic effects of blogging! (Or it’s the PBR?)


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