The Ice Ballet

This morning I woke up and discovered that my little world had been layered with a 1/4 inch sheet of ice. I stepped out on to my porch with my dog and I’m sure my face had a look on it that roughly translated to “fuck”. My dog looked up at me and turned his head ever so slightly and he probably was asking me “What the fuck?”. I just shook my head and let out a big sigh and we proceeded to try and walk around the block. Our first obstacle was the stairs that lead down from my porch to the side walk. They were covered and I didn’t have any salt or sand to try and give us a better coefficient of friction to work with. I went first and my dog looked on (obviously he expected I was going to eat shit) and then cautiously started stepping down the stairs. He slipped about midway down and tumbled/skidded the rest of the way down (only about 3 stairs but I still felt bad). I picked him up and took my time carrying him the rest of the way to the side walk to avoid the same thing happening on more stairs.

With the stair obstacle behind us we found ourselves on the sidewalk which was had been turned in to a slip and slide because of the ice. I quickly made the astute observation that I could get some friction if I walked on the grass! My dog, who had made a complete mental recovery from the stair tumble, was having a blast. Every time I’d take a cautious couple of steps and then kick my legs and arms around wildly as I slipped and fought with gravity to remain upright, my pup thought that was the signal that I wanted to PLAY! So then he’d go bat shit and start hopping around like a goddamned jack rabbit but it must be remembered that we were on frictionless surfaces. He would hop up and then land, his legs would splay out underneath of him, he’d slide for a few feet and kick wildly to turn around and face me as if to say “CAMMMMONN!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!”. This whole process would repeat itself every time I would do my little arm and leg dance routine. I’m sure we looked like some kind of synchronized meth head ballet… What the hell is a “meth head ballet”?

Any who, it took us some 45 minutes to do our normal 15 minute walk but we both had some fun so it was OK and I anticipated this delay so I was still on time for classes/work. Which, reminds me to state here that school has been tough and very time consuming lately. I’m in my second year of an Industrial Design program and it’s taking it’s toll. Time management is key and I’m slowly figuring out how to manage my time but there is definitely a learning curve. I’ve got quite a lot of work to do today in fact and I’d like to post some pictures of my work on here because I imagine that some folks may dig a little visual stimulation and it’s also what I’m doing with most of my time. More on that later… In the mean time, the ice has melted away and everything is back to normal so I guess I’ll have to put my methy dancing shoes away for another icy day! Have a good Saturday folks!!



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