Dog Water Etiquette

I don’t know why I feel like blogging this but the feeling is none the less there. I want to talk about refreshing a dog’s water bowl. I think that this simple task is one of the nicest things that a person can do for his/her dog. A dog’s water bowl left unattended and unrefreshed becomes a lovely stew of dust, hair, excess saliva, and partially chewed food amongst other organisms. This nasty soup must then be begrudgingly lapped up by your canine companion. At this point some people may be saying “well duhhh….” and if that is the case then good! However, some folks only deal with a dogs water bowl when it is empty/dried up or so thick with stuff that the dog is going to the toilet. Everyone knows why dogs go to the toilet right? It’s a never ending supply of freshwater… if people flush on a regular basis.

Here is how I see it, my dog and I have entered an unspoken but very tangible agreement. I provide fresh water, food, plenty of outside time, and a roof and in return my doggy loves me, unconditionally. I think I’m getting the deal of a life time and I also do my best job to love him unconditionally in return. Of course, I have trouble though since I’m human and I get all emotional and have my various moral pitfalls that my pup seems untroubled with. The relationship is not perfect and at times tries the extremes of my patience levels, especially after a very long day. But, I figure it is the very least I can do to rinse out my dog’s bowl and put fresh water in it at least 5 or 6 times a day. You may think this wasteful and if that’s the case I must posit a question “Why in the world do we shit in perfectly good drinking water?”.  I challenge humans to drink out of a bowl on a floor all day and see where their satisfaction level is at the end of the day when bugs, hair, and dust has made its new home in your WATER SUPPLY. Oh yeah, don’t forget that you have paws (not hands) and you can not reach the faucet.

It isn’t that big of a deal it’s just something that I thought about the other day and felt compelled to write a little something. I know plenty of people that love their pets but can sometimes forget this detail and in some ways I can see how that might happen. It doesn’t take that much more effort to rinse out the bowl though before filling it again and you make your pooch that much more smiley. It’s well worth the extra minute. My boy is happy I think so…


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