I have always had a love affair with Waffles.

Ever since I was a little lad that had enough teeth to chew I remember munching down the criss crossed bready treat. My mom used to make me a bunch and then cut them up and put them in to a big plastic bag in all of their buttery/syrupy glory. I liked them best when they had a second to marinate in the bag and become a kind of primordial slop that I shoveled in to my mouth on the way to school.

Waffles and I grew up together. I was that kid in the Ego commercials screaming “le go my ego”. I probably couldn’t enunciate things properly because I was stuffing my face with a stack of Ego’s at the time. I don’t discriminate either. I’ve expanded my waffle horizon to include all of the beautifully checkered bread stuffs of the world! Currently my go to waffle has been the multi grain Kroger brand and it’s as beautiful and faithful as the Ford Model T. It always delivers just the right amount of crispy juiciness that I’ve come to expect from a proper waffle.

I think its not secret that the key to this deliciousness in the form of texture and taste delivery are all wrapped up in the waffles revolutionary design. The butter spread and syrup can pool up and hide in its evenly spaced craters and deliver equally satisfying deliciousness with every bite. The waffle is simply BRILLIANT.

SO in conclusion, if you are not eating waffles I don’t really think that is a wise decision. Re think your breakfast and if you don’t have room for a waffle in your breakfast than consider making room. And, you don’t even have to eat waffles in the morning! That is one of the greatest waffle misconceptions! Don’t forget that waffles go well with chicken dinners as well! They could just fill that emptiness you feel in the middle of the day when you reflect on your lackluster existence.  


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